Click & Company Team

Kendra Okolita
Kendra OkolitaFounder
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah WilkersonCEO
Cameron Bishopp
Cameron BishoppEditor-in-Chief, Click Magazine
Julia Tulley
Julia TulleyDirector of Clickin Moms
Michelle Turner
Michelle TurnerDirector of Click Photo School
Deven Travelstead
Deven TravelsteadDirector of Marketing & Events
Monica Wilkinson
Monica WilkinsonDirector of Retail Sales
Karisa Gilmer
Karisa GilmerDirector of Partner Promotions & Brand Engagement
Courtney Larson
Courtney LarsonDirector of Click Pro
Kellie Bieser
Kellie BieserEditor, Clickin Moms Blog
Jennifer James
Jennifer JamesArt Director
Amy Lockheart
Amy LockheartSenior Editor, Click Magazine
Nina O'Connell
Nina O'ConnellAdministrative Manager, Events & Education
Kelly Rodriguez
Kelly RodriguezCreative Services Coordinator
Lauren Sanderson
Lauren SandersonDigital Imaging, Click Magazine
Lisa The
Lisa TheCreative Director, Click Magazine
Jan Tyler
Jan TylerCustomer Experience Manager
Melissa Wilt
Melissa WiltMarketing & Events Coordinator
Alison Winterroth
Alison WinterrothEducation Coordinator

Click Photo School Instructors

Kim Bear
Kim BearClick Photo School Instructor
Jen Bilodeau
Jen BilodeauClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Elizabeth Blank
Elizabeth BlankClick Photo School Instructor
D'Ann Boal
D'Ann BoalClick Photo School Instructor
Krista Campbell
Krista CampbellClick Photo School Instructor
Lissa Chandler
Lissa ChandlerClick Photo School Instructor
Amy Cyphers
Amy CyphersClick Photo School Instructor
Mickie DeVries
Mickie DeVriesClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Kristin Dokoza
Kristin DokozaClick Photo School Instructor
Nicole Everson
Nicole EversonClick Photo School Instructor
Marissa Gifford
Marissa GiffordClick Photo School Instructor
Virginia Greuloch
Virginia GreulochClick Photo School Instructor
Susan Grimes
Susan GrimesClick Photo School Instructor
Danielle Hatcher
Danielle HatcherClick Photo School Instructor
Caroline Jensen
Caroline JensenClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Tiffany Kelly
Tiffany KellyClick Photo School Instructor
Courtney Larson
Courtney LarsonClick Photo School Instructor
Meg Loeks
Meg LoeksClick Photo School Instructor
Ebony Logins
Ebony LoginsClick Photo School Instructor
Jessica Nelson
Jessica NelsonClick Photo School Instructor
Ardelle Neubert
Ardelle NeubertClick Photo School Instructor
Rachel Nielsen
Rachel NielsenClick Photo School Instructor
Kate T Parker
Kate T ParkerClick Photo School Instructor
Chloe Ramirez
Chloe RamirezClick Photo School Instructor
Jamie Rubeis
Jamie RubeisClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Kristen Ryan
Kristen RyanClick Photo School Instructor
Tarah Sweeney
Tarah SweeneyClick Photo School Instructor
Holli True
Holli TrueClick Photo School Instructor
Michelle Turner
Michelle TurnerClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Jan Tyler
Jan TylerClick Photo School Instructor and Coach
Elle Walker
Elle WalkerClick Photo School Instructor
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah WilkersonClick Photo School Instructor
Candice Zugich
Candice ZugichClick Photo School Instructor

Clickin Moms Photography Mentors

Megan Arndt
Megan ArndtClickin Moms Mentor
Sue Watson Bahen
Sue Watson BahenClickin Moms Mentor
Kellie Bieser
Kellie BieserClickin Moms Mentor
Jen Bilodeau
Jen BilodeauClickin Moms Mentor
Jyotsna Bhamidipati
Jyotsna BhamidipatiClickin Moms Mentor
DAnn Boal
DAnn BoalClickin Moms Mentor
Jennifer Carr
Jennifer CarrClickin Moms Mentor
Leslie Crane
Leslie CraneClickin Moms Mentor
Mickie DeVries
Mickie DeVriesClickin Moms Mentor
Kristin Dokoza
Kristin DokozaClickin Moms Mentor
Jamie Eilts
Jamie EiltsClickin Moms Mentor
Chanel French
Chanel FrenchClickin Moms Mentor
Marissa Gifford
Marissa GiffordClickin Moms Mentor
 Natalie Greenroyd
Natalie GreenroydClickin Moms Mentor
Sarah Gupta
Sarah GuptaClickin Moms Mentor
Karlee Hooper
Karlee HooperClickin Moms Mentor
Caroline Jensen
Caroline JensenClickin Moms Mentor
Heather Lazark
Heather LazarkClickin Moms Mentor
Dana Leigh
Dana LeighClickin Moms Mentor
Meg Loeks
Meg LoeksClickin Moms Mentor
Ebony Logins
Ebony LoginsClickin Moms Mentor
Kate Luber
Kate LuberClickin Moms Mentor
Leah McLean
Leah McLeanClickin Moms Mentor
Jessica Nelson
Jessica NelsonClickin Moms Mentor
Rachel Nielsen
Rachel NielsenClickin Moms Mentor
Celeste Pavlik
Celeste PavlikClickin Moms Mentor
Jenny Rosenbring
Jenny RosenbringClickin Moms Mentor
Kristen Ryan
Kristen RyanClickin Moms Mentor
Lisa Tichané
Lisa TichanéClickin Moms Mentor