24 October 2022

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Where you thrive, what you love

Some parts of your week invariably feel more like "work" than others, and we all have different strengths and interests, weaknesses and distastes. Understanding where you stand will help me to explore opportunities to structure new efforts and collaborations.
Are there specific tasks you find most rewarding? I want you to think most about projects wherein you truly enjoy the process, without regard to success metrics.
Are there specific tasks you find particularly unenjoyable? I want you to think about the items you're most prone to bump to the bottom of the list or are relieved to have someone else step in on.
I'd especially love to know if there things outside the scope of your current routine (or even outside the scope of your department) that you're really drawn to.

Exploring Specific Tasks

Researching Topics and Trends*
Finding New Talent / Partners*
Talent / Partner Outreach and Acquisition*
Marketing and Promotions*
Content Development - Guided (Direction and Editing)*
Content Development - Direct Production (Creation and Authorship)*
Team and Project Management*
Community Building and PR*
Site, Platform, and Application Management*
Exploring New Platforms and Applications*
Tracking Metrics and Data Analysis*
(I'm aware that some of these items have conflated tasks on which you may have very different feelings!)
You, Kendra, and Sarah will all receive a copy of your replies for follow-up or discussion!